a new city ... a new condo ... a new blog

  Finding the silver lining. Photo by Johnny Miller. 

Finding the silver lining. Photo by Johnny Miller. 

So … who am I and why am I writing this blog? My name is Melissa and for years I have worked as a stylist, editor and all around storyteller at several national publications, including ELLE DECOR, VerandaHouse Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines. That's me, on the left there, "modeling" in a story on of my co-workerss at Martha produced. I recently re-located from Manhattan to Washington DC to be with my silly, loving, compassionate and supportive guy. The transition has not been easy, to say the least. I miss New York City terribly, I miss my job, I miss storytelling, and I miss all of my friends.

But here I am and I have an amazing guy, a new city to explore, our first home that is all our own, a chance to hit "re-set" on so many things, and now this blog—a tiny creative outlet for me to catalog all the things that I love.

My obsession with design … or all things aesthetic and pretty … started very young. My earliest memories—from the black and white vintage motor car wallpaper in my grandparent’s powder room to broad-shouldered and brightly colored suiting my mom wore with gusto in the 80s—are not smells, or words, or feelings, but rather things, places and people that caught my eye. Creativity wasn’t really nurtured in my immediate family as both my parents had “real” jobs but I was fortunate to have an exceptionally creative grandmother and wonderful people who've come into my life and have taught me so much.

In many ways, where I am today was pretty much written (or plastered) on the walls when I was much, much younger. From wrapping my entire room in tinfoil as I wasn't allowed to wallpaper, to a complete obsession as a tween with touring model homes and and the estates of all the old moneyed families up and down the eastern seaboard, the seeds were sown young but it just took a little time for them to grow and mature. So here  am today ... keeping myself busy with a mix of freelance and consulting work and most excitingly, working on our new home (more on that) in effort that once it is finished, it will be the launching board I need to jumpstart my design business. So while I am not totally sure what the future holds at this point, the one thing I know for sure is that creating to me is as necessary as breathing. So here I go.